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Donald Duck & the Count of Monte Cristo by Claudio Riva, Simona Foti

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In this parody of 'The Count of Monte Cristo', Donald Duck is tricked by Uncle Scrooge and Gladstone Gander into hiding stolen money and, like Dantes, the hero of the original story, he ends up in prison.

Abbe Faria, played by himself, helps him to escape and gives him a treasure map. Donald eventually reaches dry land, with the help of a passing shark, and finds the treasure, as well as a note left by Dantes saying that this is the part of the treasure of Monte Cristo.

Like Dantes, Donald uses the money to help his friends and to take revenge on his enemies. In this case, he founds a 'children's republic' in a billionaires' resort - but at the end of a railway line in which Uncle Scrooge had just invested a fortune!

NB: The quoted publication date is estimated(based on the date of publication of others in this series) as none is quoted.

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