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Experiment by Emily Evans


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The Boarding School Experiment
(Experiment #1)

There are three steps to taking revenge on the most popular, hottest guy in your senior class:
• Stealth
• Planning
• Execution

After Elena fails at all of them, she’s tossed into a government run boarding school in Alaska.

The worst part? Thane Trallwyn--her worst enemy and subject of her blown revenge--goes in with her.

Alaska’s not big enough.

Prep School Experiment
(Experiment #2)

At boarding school, Kaitlin made real friends and became a part of a team. And she met Rhys. Hot. Wicked. Her Soul Mate. She was one day away from turning him into her boyfriend when she accidently drugs everyone with the science professor’s experimental compound.Their athletic skills improve. Their mental skills improve. Then the professor tries to destroy the evidence. Them. Kaitlin lies to her parents to cover everything up and ruins her chances with Rhys. Boarding school is over and it’s back to Shay Prep in Manhattan.

But she’s not going alone. She’s headed there with a pissed off Rhys who has little control over his new talents, and zero interest in becoming her boyfriend. And the lab professor, well, he won’t let go of his data so easily.

Kaitlin will have to use every new talent she has along with her connection to Rhys to conquer the Prep School Experiment.

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Emily Evans


The Boarding School Experiment, Prep School Experiment


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