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The Jungle Book: The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack by Scott D. Peterson

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Mowgli is a unique member of the wolf pack. He runs and climbs differently than his brothers and sisters. He likes to create tools to help complete tasks around the jungle. And, of course, he's a human. But despite his differences, Mowgli loves his life, loves his wolf-mother Raksha, and his wise mentor, Bagheera, the panther. He wouldn't trade being a "wolf" for anything.
However, Mowgli's world is turned upside down when the vicious tiger, Shere Khan threatens his family for harboring a "man-cub." Mowgli is suddenly faced with life-altering challenges: Should he return to the man-village which he knows nothing about? Can he survive in another part of the jungle? Will he be able to save his family and defeat the powerful tiger?
In this beautifully illustrated novel, we follow Mowgli's journey to find his family and his place in the world he loves the most: in the jungle.

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