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Palabasalibro Wholesalers terms and conditions


  1. Minimum orders 25items and up to avail wholesale discount, assorted titles
    • Discounts will depend on the title you will get. The wholesale price will also be posted so you get an idea how much you will make if you follow the SRP we have in place.
    • Additional discount to FINAL TOTAL when you get more than 50 items at one time.
  2. Titles available are posted in the website. You can check under in stock items.
    • Prices under bargains are at 10% discount only for wholesalers as they are discounted already to begin with.
    • Discounts vary per title, so please prepare list and we can quote you for your wholesale total.
  3. Full payments required for all in stock orders.
  4. Shipping can be via J&T and LBC only. Shipping fee will be shouldered by buyer.
  5. Payments can be made via the ff only
    • GCASH
    • BDO
    • BPI
    • Bank of Commerce
    • Security Bank
    • China Bank
    • Metrobank
  6. To order, please send your list to our facebook page 


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